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Welcome to Smallbiz Marketing Club, where you’ll find all the guides and tutorials you need to market your business online! I’m Gary Clifton. After a couple of failed small businesses I decided I needed to learn all I could about marketing a small business, online and offline, and I consumed a ton of information on the subject. These guides I’m giving you here are the result of years of studying the best practices as taught by some of the best authors and coaches on how to market your small business. This is my way of giving back to the community of small business owners…

Here are the guides… it’s an ever growing list of resources designed to help you the small business owner grow your profits by generating more referrals and repeat business. I hope to do this by providing topic-specific content that will show you how to boost profits through marketing leverage, referrals and endorsed relationships… and how to turn your customers into raving fans… so you can tap into your customers’ hardwired desire to recommend great products and services to their friends.

how to grow your profits step by step

The 5 Minute Pricing Strategy Guide For Small Business Owners – How you set your prices is one of the most important decisions you make as a small business owner. Discover why you should probably charge higher prices for your product or service and why cutting prices in response to competition pressures – or to sell more – is almost always a very bad idea.

how to market your small business

Remodeling Contractor Referrals – How To Double Your Profits Fast With Referral Marketing: Referral marketing or word-of-mouth marketing offers the remodeling contractor/home remodeler the best bang for the buck and the greatest return on investment. If you’ve ever wanted to clone your best customers – and double your profits without a lot of hard work – this guide will show you how you can do it…

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How To Get Terrific Online Reviews On Demand & Grow Your Business Listing: Reviews stand out in targeted Google map results, and if you can win the reviews war locally and get your citations correct, you will rank in the map results, get more customers, and grow your business. Discover why online reviews are your best friend, how to implement a reviews strategy for your business, and how to get your customers to leave glowing reviews of your business on Google and other business directory sites.

customer relationship managementCustomer Relationship Blueprint For Small Business Owners – How to Develop And Maintain Successful Relationships With Your Customers: Your success in business is heavily dependent on the type of relationship you have with your customers. If you can build trust and loyalty in your customers, this is the key to repeat business, referrals, and steady profits. This guide will show you how to develop, maintain and cement successful relationships with your customers.


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